Economic & Community Development

Members of the firm serve as economic and community development counselors for local and State governments, CRA funds, banks and financial services companies, and end users on the designation of institutional or public resources for program related investments in support of community and economic development activities in unique and challenging environments. 

We also have significant experience in managing large public-private ventures and evaluating sophisticated commercial arrangements with public, private, and non-profit entities.

Our members have been appointed to represent low-income communities involuntarily displaced or relocated by use of eminent domain to make way for perhaps the largest commercial redevelopment project in the State of Maryland.  We worked under a Public-Private Partnership with the Johns Hopkins University, Forest City – New East Baltimore Partnership, Federal and State elected representatives such as Congressman Cummings and the Baltimore City Mayor and Council to help develop two million square feet of new biotechnology space, 500,000 square feet of commercial space, employment opportunities for up to 6,000 people, 2,100 units of mixed income housing, a new K-8 public contract school, a new Public Health Lab for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, public parks, open space and a regional commuter rail station underway in East Baltimore.

The firm was also engaged by M-NCPPC and helped to create a unique, multi-component community governance structure that would own, manage, and maintain common areas and establish unitary controls or community-wide standards able to sustain approximately 2M sq. ft. of new office space in the Westphalia Town Center currently under development. 

Developers have engaged the firm to design guidelines to encourage the meaningful participation of small, minority and women owned businesses (“MFDs”).  As part of the development of Lot 31 in Montgomery County, Maryland, we designed economic inclusion policies and programs approved by Montgomery County for this high-profile public-private real estate project (the “MFD Program”), which established a high ceiling mark in equity participation, prime contracting and in MFD participation goals for Montgomery County.  The MFD Program was approved and implemented as a race-and gender-neutral policy and program for public and private sector activities that has withstood judicial scrutiny.

The firm has extensive experience with institutional environments, principles, and strategies in support of diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

We are prepared to help identify barriers and to work through cross-generational differences in language, attitudes, and priorities.  We work to facilitate and improve upon work environments that welcome and appreciate persons of all races, genders, ethnicities, religions, and ages.

We are committed to addressing the historic and deeply embedded discriminatory practices and policies that perpetuate social and economic disparities. We bring significant experience with a wide range of diversity, inclusivity and equity experience to help design and administer the institutional supports needed to foster, enhance, and expand a fully diverse and vibrant workplace environment in the public and private sectors.