About Us

Boutique practice with high-end skill sets  

Our team is comprised of highly experienced, diverse, and agile business lawyers with strong academic credentials. We’ve honed our skills practicing at large law firms and in-house legal departments of major corporations and governmental agencies, and are proud to provide the best of big law with small firm efficiency.

We are the preferred choice for many institutional clients, public authorities, property owners and developers attracted to a boutique firm with an established presence in the Mid-Atlantic and the New York metropolitan areas.

We believe that a diverse team is a strong team. As a certified minority-owned business and a member of NAMWOLF (the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms), we are proud to embody the principles of diversity, equity & inclusion. 

We are committed to empowering our rich cultural mosaic, particularly marginalized and underrepresented groups by using our legal skills to help people in need and make a difference. Our public interest and pro bono efforts contribute to fostering equal access and justice for all under the law.

Diverse talent


Over the years, we’ve built a firm based on longstanding relationships and top quality service. We approach each engagement with thorough and careful analysis and stand by our record of service as counsel to a wide range of public and private sector clients. We are committed to meeting the highest ethical and professional standards of care for our industry at all times, and to delivering exceptional counsel and guidance.

Each attorney-client relationship is a unique opportunity to forge a new results-driven partnership for a particular business, project or transaction. We contribute strategic analysis, tactical guidance and practical solutions to meet the needs of each client in a complex society.